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Immune System Booster Property 1

Immune System Booster Property 1

Immun’Âge® supports our immune system, which helps our body protect and fight infections.

Antioxidative System Booster Property 2

Antioxidative System Booster Property 2

Immun’Âge® supports our antioxidative system, thus reducing oxidative stress induced by free radicals.

Cellular Energy Booster Property 3

Cellular Energy Booster Property 3

Immun’Âge® boosts the production of energy in all our cells

Scientist & Physician Recommendations

Scientist & Physician Recommendations

Dr. L. Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, France; Dr. L. Packer, Antioxidant specialist, University of California at Berkeley, USA; Dr. F. Marotta, Gastroenterologist, ReGenera Research Group for Aging Intervention, Italy; Dr. E. Rachmilewitz, Wolfson Medical Center, Israel; Dr. Chandan K. Sen, Ohio State University, USA;

Published Clinicals Studies

Published Clinicals Studies

Since 1993 Osato has carried out and published more than 50 in vitro and in vivo clinical and scientific studies on Immun'Âge.

Book of abstracts

Global Initiatives


The Osato Research Institute (ORI), part of the OSATO Group, is a non-profit organization based in Gifu, Japan and directed by Dr. Pierre Mantello Founded in 2004, ORI is dedicated... More


OSATO Distribution World Ltd, also part of the OSATO Group, manages the worldwide distribution of FPP® under the name Immun’Âge® - except in Canada where it is distributed under the name Stimul’Ace... More


Dedicated to helping people live better, healthier and more productive lives, the OSATO Group donates to various causes and activities. For example, we made donations to assist the victims of the 2011 earthquake.... More


OSATO INTERNATIONAL INC. and OSATO Distribution World Ltd proudly sponsor sports events worldwide, and supply participating competitors with Immun’Âge® to help them before.... More


2016 Marathon Challenge & Immun’Âge®

As Seen in the Press


“ It’s papaya, she said, revealing her stash of Immun’Âge®, a natural supplement comprised of fermented papaya preparation (...)

Irina Shayk, Super Model - in Vogue Magazine

" When I take Immun'Âge®, cold or flu are words that I don’t know. I am much better, feel stronger, vibrant and resist tiredness better. My skin also has improved. (…)

CLAUDIA CARDINALE - International film star

“ ...she takes Immun’Âge®, a powerful antioxidant that fights the signs of aging, a bionutrient that fights aging (…)

Queen Laetizia of Spain - in Spanish newspaper ``LA RAZÓN.es``

“ After a week I started to feel better. (…) I realized that my health was also improved. With hindsight, I can truly say that Immun’Âge® is an effective aid to prevent infection. (...)

JEAN ALESI - Formula 1 racing driver

" Sharon Stone age-defying appearance is said to have been enhanced by supplement Immun’Âge® (...)

Sharon Stone, international actress - in the magazine Grazia.      

“Immun’Âge® changed my life. Since I have never been sick again, not even with a common cold, and I feel again as if I were 30 years old.”

FREDO LAVOCAT - World vice-champion of jetski

“ (...) I heard of fermented papaya from my friend Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italia. (...) The results were amazing...”

Stefano GABBANA - Italian fashion designer, Dolce & Gabbana

“I can now recover from such exhaustion and return to my daily life quickly. I couldn’t imagine such recovery before finding FPP®. It definitly made a difference.”

DARREN TURNER - British professional racing driver

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