Exhaustive physical activity


An exhaustive sport practice involves a dramatically oxygen consumption increase and inflammation, associated with high free radicals production.

The antioxidative system could be overtaken and excess of non eliminated free radicals is responsible of oxidative stress, leading to many little muscular oxidative damages (muscular injuries, cramps, stiffness, pains, muscle soreness and fatigue.

During intensive workout, it’s often one or two days after that we feel little muscular injuries: muscular pain and stiffness appear.

By trained athletes, body adapts itself by enhancement of antioxidative system capacities. However our adjustment capacities are limited and high level athletes are not sheltered from injuries mainly if they are over-trained.

On another hand, 4 to 72 hours after exhaustive effort, we notice a decrease of immune system leading to respiratory track infections (bronchitis, rhinitis…).


Immun’Âge® and sport

Working like a real shield, Immun’Âge® allows the body to fight better against free radical attacks.

Its properties, proven by numerous clinical studies, stimulates the natural body defenses:
– decrease of oxidative stress,
– stimulation od immune system slowing down infection susceptibility.


The Immun’Âge® use protects athletes against harmful effects of an exhaustive physical exercise and the effects of Immun’Âge® are:
– decrease of muscle soreness, pains, cramps, stiffness, fatigue,
– speed up recovery,
– heighten alertness and concentration without causing drowsiness,
– boost immune system which can be weakened by sport.