Vitality is our body’s great supply of energy, stamina, and resilience!

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Vitality is our body’s great supply of energy stamina, and resilience. But as we age, we see our vitality gradually diminish.

This is due to a decrease in our immune system, a decline of our antioxidative system and a drop in our energy production.

Young athletes too when they push themselves to the limits can see their vitality progressively weaken.

Immun’Âge® counteracts the weakening of our body mechanisms by stimulating them:

  1. It enhances our antioxidative system, which eliminates the excess of free radicals (oxidative stress) responsible for fatigue, insomnia or anxiety.
  2. It enhances our immune system that protects us against infections.
  3. It boosts our cell’s energy, which is necessary to our life and vitality

Immun’Âge® is a “ Vitality Enhancer ” that helps us recover our vital forces at any age.

Immun’Âge® also supports top athletes by strengthening their vitality.

Darren Turner –  Official British professional racing driver for Aston Martin Racing





“…Thanks to Immun’Âge®, I can manage this tight schedule without suffering from jet lag. I always take Immun’Âge® before flying to prevent jet lag (…) I used to be exhausted after an endurance race because of the constant tension. However, I can now recover from such exhaustion and return to my daily life quickly. I couldn’t imagine such recovery before I discovered Immun’Âge®. It definitely makes a difference”.

Fred Lavocat –  World Vice Champion of Jetski 

immunage usa fermented papaya preparation

“I had decided to stop competing because fatigue was beginning to weigh too much. I attributed it to the fact that I no longer had the age to participate in such important competitions. (…) Then I started taking Immun’Âge®, and it changed my life. My well-being was improving day by day, and I was regaining strength.

 I started training again, and I enrolled at the World Championship Offshore Jet at Oleron where I finished third! Everybody was surprised. Indeed, when older than 40, we need exceptional physical and mental fitness for such a result. Immun’Âge® changed my life. My vitality seems to be the same at 40 years old than at 30!”

David Redor aka ” Crazy Dave” – Marathonian

david redor marathonian crazy dave

Recovering was a key element in my 2016 challenge (Running 52 marathons in 52 weeks in each of the 50 States). (…) After a marathon, you usually are completely exhausted, and ready for a long nap, but with Immun’Âge®, my day goes on as usual.(…) I don’t get totally drained like I used to, like everybody, every marathon runner does after a race. It’s really surprising…”

Not only did Redor complete his marathon challenge successfully, but having realized in September that Immun’Âge® helped him stay energetic and recover much faster, Redor doubled the number of races he was to run, totaling 100 marathons by December 31, 2016! This translated to running up to five marathons a week between September and December.