Papaya Fermentation

Immun’Âge® is a fermented papaya product (FPP®) developed more than thirty years ago by the Osato Research Institute in Gifu, Japan.

It is a 100 % natural food supplement made from the fermentation of non-genetically modified Carica papayas from Hawaii.



It is a fruit well known in tropical countries for its health properties and longevity benefits. Christopher Columbus called it “the fruit of the angels,’ while Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama talked about the ‘tree of eternal youth.’
Papaya contains the papain enzyme, which facilitates digestion, and antioxidants such as carotene (provitamin A), selenium, and flavonoids. It is very rich in vitamin C -more than kiwi or carrots- and in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

The health benefits of fermentation

In addition to its role in preserving food, fermentation provides substantial health benefits. It uses natural ingredients to boost the growth of beneficial microorganisms (‘good bacteria’ or probiotics). These ‘good bacteria’ are thought to restore the balance of bacteria in our gut, thus helping a multitude of health issues, including digestive health.
Fermentation has been popular for centuries in cultures all around the world. This is particularly true in Japan, where traditional, fermented foods have always been playing an extensive role. (

The unique fermentation process used by Osato is based on traditional Japanese fermentation processes, yet it is extremely advanced and sophisticated. The process uses specific traditional yeasts (saccharomyces) and lasts from eight to ten months. No living yeasts or identifiable yeast products are left in the product after fermentation.

This unique fermented papaya product showed to have a direct antioxidative effect on our entire antioxidative system. It also proved to have a regulating action on our immune system.
Furthermore, the latest clinical studies have shown that Immun’Âge®can also help enhance our cell’s energy.

Immun’Âge® has been clinically proven to help stimulate the antioxidative system, the immune system, and our cells’ energy production.