Osato Research Institute

The Osato Research Institute (ORI®) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 in Gifu, Japan. ORI’s goal is to reduce the medical costs in our aging countries by helping populations stay healthier longer.

In 2005, The Osato Research Institute Foundation was established in Fribourg, Switzerland, to participate in these efforts.

ORI has been conducting collaborative research on Immun’Âge®, our unique food supplement, with several universities and institutes in the U.S. and Europe focusing on the body’s defense systems, preventive medicine, and healthy aging.

Next to awareness, knowledge, and education, the best preventive medicine consists of eating the right food. The key to Japan’s highest longevity in the world comes from the wide variety of fermented foods that people eat. Immun’Âge® is a fermented papaya preparation (also called FPP®) made from Carica papayas – known as a health fruit all over Asia – through our exclusive fermentation technology. We have conducted many clinical studies that demonstrate that “FPP®” is an excellent candidate to contribute to preventive medicine initiatives.

Osato Research Institute immunage usa fermented papaya preparation