Where is Immun’Âge® produced?

Osato Laboratory Inc. is located in the prefecture of Gifu, Japan, some 250 miles west of Tokyo.

Osato Laboratory Inc. is the production site of our Fermented Papaya Product (FPP®) marketed under the brand name Immun’Âge®. It is located in the countryside, surrounded by rivers and tree-covered mountains. People who live in the area care for the environment and its protection.

Osato Laboratory Inc. lies more than 400 miles away from Fukushima. The catastrophic nuclear accident that happened there in March 2011 did not affect our products. Thorough analyses conducted by the prefecture of Gifu have proven their safety. Furthermore, our products as all imported food products from Japan are being checked by both the US and European authorities.

We have been able to deliver 100% of our orders to our customers abroad.

Osato Laboratory

Our production follows strict international standards.

Our International Standard Certifications:

ISO 9001: Quality Production & Packaging

ISO 14001: Respect of the Environment

ISO 22000: Food Safety

FSSC 22000: Food Safety System Certification