The quest for eternal youth has been going on for centuries. And as no fountain of youth has been found, we go on losing what is so precious to us all: vitality, energy, health. We do age inexorably, some of us faster than others.

It’s true that scientific and technological progress for anti-aging in the 20th century has doubled people’s lifespan in many countries. And indeed life expectancy is getting closer today to the 100-to-120-year-long life span programmed in the human genome.

But not everyone can reach such a ripe old age.


We all grow old differently. Our aging and longevity depend not only on our genetic heritage but also on all the external factors that affect us every day of our life, i.e. our ‘environment.’

Aging is determined by genetics.

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On the one hand, our human genome has programmed us for a 100-to-120-year life span. On the other hand, we have inherited from our parents a unique genetic program that influences our longevity and our health. This inherited genetic blueprint – unique to each of us – endows us with the means to fight against aging that is more or less efficient and effective.


Aging is also determined by our environment.

From birth onwards, our body and each of its cells are constantly exposed to an environment responsible for various harmful stresses: they can be chemical (pesticides, pollution), physical (radiations), and biological (infectious agents, microorganisms). The accumulation of these stresses throughout our life reduces the number of healthy cells in our bodies: it deteriorates our bodies into what is called “aging.”


Our natural anti-aging mechanisms

Our body is equipped to defend itself against these stress factors with two main natural defense systems: the immune system and the antioxidative system. These two powerful systems are genetically programmed to fight environmental stresses and help us survive. They are organized as a network of defense functions and anti-stress responses.

The immune system and the antioxidative systems also act as anti-aging mechanisms.

 The weakening of our natural defense systems





The accumulation of environmental stress factors in our bodies throughout our life disrupts and weakens our defense systems. And it accelerates the aging process, opening the gate to age-related problems and diseases.



Healthy aging

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What is the point of living to 120 years if we have to endure degenerative diseases that cause us to lose intellectual and physical capacity?

If the twentieth century has offered us a longer lifespan, could the twenty-first century give us a long and healthy life?

Genetics and environment are the main factors that determine our longevity and health.

However, if we have no control on our genetic heritage, we can have an impact on some of the environmental stress factors that cause us to lose our health and vitality.

Health and aging do not need to be necessarily contradictory.

Action for healthy aging

We can change our lifestyle and try to get rid of as many environmental stresses as possible. We can decide to eat a healthier diet and exercise regularly; give up some of our harmful habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol drinking, drug usage, overexposure to the sun; stop the use of hazardous chemicals; reduce mental stress; lower professional overload, and more.

We can also take food supplements to help counteract the deterioration of our natural defense systems.

 Healthy aging and Immun’Âge®

Immun’Âge®’s tagline reads ‘Food Protecting People.’ And indeed Immun’Âge® protects us as it helps to optimize our fight against our environment by boosting our defense systems and our energy production.

Immun’Âge® has three main properties that have been confirmed by clinical trials:

  • It stimulates the immune system
  • It stimulates the antioxidative system
  • It boosts the production of energy in all our cells

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Immun’Âge®, when combined with regular physical and mental activity as well as a healthy diet,

is an ideal food supplement for healthy aging.